1. Interested party initiates the process by submitting data for screening by the Technical Officer (Registration & Permits Unit of the P.C.B.).  This may be done either electronically or by hard copy. 
  2. Interested party is given feedback (after two weeks) and given an “Authorization for Submission” once the application is deemed satisfactory for submission/evaluation.
  3. Application for registration is deposited directly by the Local Representative at the office of the Pesticides Control Board, once an “Authorization for Submission” is granted.  For general and restricted-use pesticides, an application for registration fee i.e. $300 BZD is payable upon submission (non-refundable). 
  4. The application enters the evaluation queue.
  5. Evaluation is done by the Registration Committee.
  6. Final approval for registration granted by the Board (Board meetings are held quarterly).


The Local Representative is the person formally authorized by the manufacturer of the product to submit applications for registration on their behalf.

There are different data requirements for domestic and agricultural pesticides, and adjuvants.

Pesticide labels are also approved as part of the registration procedure.