The Functions of Pesticides Control Board

The Pesticides Control Board was established in 1988 under the Ministry of Agriculture to carry out the provisions of the Pesticides Control Act.

The Pesticides Control Board is geared toward the comprehensive control of pesticides in Belize.

Pesticides are used mostly in agriculture and public health for the control of pests and diseases.

While pesticides play an important role in sustaining our food supply, and for the control of vector-borne human illnesses, they may also be hazardous to human health and the environment if not used as intended.

The Pesticides Control Act defines the functions of the Pesticides Control Board as follows:

  • Registration of pesticides

  • Licensing of pesticides imports and manufacture.

  • Authorization for sale of restricted pesticides.

  • Registration of premises for sale of restricted pesticides.

  • Authorization for use of restricted pesticides.

  • Classification of pesticides.

  • Training of pesticide users.

  • All other aspects of pesticide manufacture, importation, packaging, preparation for sale, sale, disposal and use.

The Pesticides Control Board, through its various activities, strives to ensure that:
  1. All pesticides imported into Belize are approved for use in the country.
  2. The storage, transportation, distribution and use of pesticides are carried out in an approved manner.
  3. All pesticide users are trained and certified in rational pesticides management.
  4. Pesticides are used in a rational manner, without causing unreasonable adverse effects to human health and the environment.
The Pesticides Control Board, by promoting the efficient and rational use of pesticides:
  • Assists in safeguarding the health of the Belizean people, through the availability of wholesome foods;

  • Assists in protecting human health and the environment from the adverse effects of pesticides;

  • And assists in economic development by promoting ethical agricultural production for our domestic and export markets.

The Pesticides Control Board:
Promoting the rational management of pesticides in Belize!