December 2016

The Pesticides Control Board (PCB), in partnership with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), is carrying out an institutional strengthening exercise following a process by which a comprehensive strategic planning package is to be developed. The exercise is being conducted with the full engagement of PCB members and staff, and stakeholders. 

The general objective of the exercise is to execute a programme of technical cooperation for the institutional strengthening of the PCB, with the purpose of improving its capacity and capabilities in the areas of management, administration and operations of the organization. 

Utilizing a methodology comprising of a number of steps, actions and instruments that would contribute in an incremental manner to the process of institutional strengthening, the specific objectives of the exercise are to:

  • Prepare a Strategic Plan (SP) that will serve as a road map to guide the PCB to better position itself to anticipate and address future challenges and needs within the context of its mandate.
  • Prepare an Action Plan (AP) to implement concrete actions in the short and medium term based on the recommendations of the SP that will serve as the basis for improved planning, governance, management and administration.
  • Establish a system of annual programming, budgeting, review and follow up.
  • Provide technical and advisory services that will include orientation and capacity building of the staff and the PCB’s Board to improve the organization’s governance, management and operational aspects.

The total cost of the exercise for the development of 7 deliverables is US$58,106.  IICA’s in-kind contribution is US$30,000 (52%) comprising of technical and administrative services.  The Belize Chemicals and Waste Management Project is contributing 34% of the cost, or US$20,000 (which includes US$5,000 in co-financing from the United Nations Development Programme).  The Pesticides Control Board’s contribution is US$8,106 (14%).

The institutional strengthening exercise is expected to be completed in March 2017 following a period of ample consultation, review and approval of the deliverables under the technical cooperation agreement.